Allison Thompson

Allison’s passion for the labour and birth process began after the birth of her first child. The experience awakened her to the fact that informed choice, respect for birthing people, a reverence for the process and a supportive team are essential to a positive and healthy experience. It is her wish to help birthing people navigate and understand the many choices they face so that they can have a safe and empowering birth that honours their own values and autonomy.

As a certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner and an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, she helps birthing people connect with their desires and beliefs and subsequently find their voice and confidence. With an emphasis on wellness, peaceful communication and compassion Allison’s work is a movement toward placing birth in its rightful status as an important human rite of passage.

For more about Instructor Allison Oliver Thompson, please see her website: https://www.allisonthompson.ca/