Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class

Get Empowered with a class that you and your partner will love! In this unique online and in person hybrid course, you and your partner will benefit from the convenience of online learning and also be mentored through the process of preparing for your birth as well as meeting other people who are going through the same thing!

Free Info Session: Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class

Want to learn more about our Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class? Come out to this free session and you will get to meet your mentor, explore all the resources included in the class and have all your questions answered!


HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method

Have a joyful, empowered birth without the interventions that can lead to birth complications and surgery. This is a 5 week course for you and your birth partner. See the Course Outline for more information.

HypnoBirthing Information Session

In this interactive and educational one-hour session you’ll learn about HypnoBirthing and have the chance to ask all your questions. Learn how couples have used specific HypnoBirthing tools to achieve the birth experience they wanted.